Electric Vintage Records
Always buying record collections! - cash for LP collections $$ - Best prices paid for Rock, Metal & Punk
Electric vintage is located 64 Hindley st. Adelaide This shop is captained by one mr. Don Hirst esq., purveyor of tasteful fineries, formerly of Market Bazaar fame.

Some of you may remember Market Bazaar in Synagogue place, (I certainly do, they gave me my guitar at half price!). Don got his foot hold in the city trading at market bazaar in 2007 along with 4 other traders under the same roof for 3 ‘fantastic years’ until may 2010 when it was sold and demolished to make way for student accommodation (thanks government!). Adapting quickly, Don secured his a new space on Hindley St. in June 2010 and has been operating quietly ever since, enjoying a steady business flow…

Electric Vintage caters to all musical styles including Jazz, Metal, Rock, Punk, Folk, Disco, Funk, Hip Hop, New-wave and Soul… Not to mention a section dedicated to Adelaide music. And if you’re looking for someone to hunt down an obscure or rare record for you Don is your man. If you are offering trade ins when you go there then the shop is going to reflect alittle of your tastes to other collectors browsing through the shelves, so the more we trade, the more eclectic the collective collection becomes! ; )

The aim of Electric Vintage is to provide an opportunity for anybody to acquire an affordable record collection and to provide Don with a steady income so he can keep collecting!

Be careful - record collecting is addictive and you may catch the bug at Don’s store! It should probably carry surgeon general’s warning out the front...

The store itself has a retro/vintage feel, which Don has attempted to recreate through the careful display of period items & works by local SA artists,  even employing an artist in residence Travis Larby who psychedelically jazzes up canvases, walls & various other items for Don who then displays them for sale & decoration.

Don has been on a personal journey through vinyl ever since first being captivated in 1985… His earliest recollection of being fascinated by vinyls was in high school at a mate’s party, when someone put a Black Sabbath record on the turntable. The rotating black disc sent haunting sounds spiraling down his neural network that would forever change a young and unsuspecting Don. Ever since then he has been gripped by the hand of doom!! (Sabbath Reference)

From there he started to collect original pressings as they are the most valuable and of the highest quality, and his collection flourished. He went on evolving & expanding his library mainly by being involved as a trader at South Australian markets & vinyl fairs such as vinylpalooza.

Electric Vintage prefers records pressed in US, Germany, Japan, UK or Australia as they are made better and have better sound quality. The store stocks Second hand, original vinyls…. Don likes acquiring and offering unusual pressings with different track orders, different album covers and the like. Often these items can fetch more money as they are rare.

Don’s personal musical influences are Black Sabbath, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crew, Motorhead, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Skid Row, Iron Maiden & Jimmy Hendrix.

He loves supporting the local music scene, and can often be found at the Squatters Arm’s or Enigma bar checking out local bands, especially Generation Swine, Party & Diamond Sins. Best live gigs that he has seen he considers to be Kreator and Alice in chains.

When he’s not manning the desk at Electric Vintage Don can be found op shopping @ goodwill in Hindley st, Browsing garage sales for hidden gems on Saturday morning, attending record fairs like the recent vinylpalooza & working at AFL & SANFL games at AAMI stadium, where he has provided 17 years of service.

At other times he is likely to be found with a Coopers pales ale in his hand!

Electric Vintage is inspired by that surreal feeling you get when you hold a vinyl record in your hands and are transported to another world, away from the cares and stresses forced upon us by reality. The shop itself has that kind of feel to it, it’s a nice little haven, safely tucked away above all the bustle of a day time hindley st.